Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What is happening in November?

We have a very busy November ahead of us! Parent conferences are coming up and we have quite a few days off from school! Check with your child's teacher about your conference time and location.

Here are some dates to remember this month:

Nov 2- No School
Nov 11- 1/2 day for PARENT CONFERENCES!
Nov 12- 1/2 day for PARENT CONFERENCES!
Nov 25- 1/2 day for THANKSGIVING BREAK
Nov 26- No School for THANKSGIVING BREAK
Nov 27- No School for THANKSGIVING BREAK

What are we learning this month?

In READING we will be exploring poems. The students will be looking at different literal and non-literal language that is used in poetry. They will also be comparing the theme of two poems that were written by the same author.

In MATH we will continue to focus on multiplication and division. The students will continue to learn the different strategies to use when multiplying and then relate those to division. The students will also use the different strategies solve different multiplication and division word problems.
In WRITING we will compose our own narrative poem. The students will create their own story poems using the characteristics that they learn about in reading and that they learned about in the first quarter when writing a story. 
In SCIENCE we will investigate the process of heating and cooling. The students will ask and answer questions regarding how heating or cooling affects the properties of materials. 
In SOCIAL STUDIES we will describe and demonstrate the differences between telling and tattling. The students will learn what the difference is and when it is appropriate to tell on someone. We will also begin looking at natural/physical and human made features in our communities. The students will identify these features in Montgomery County, Maryland, the United States, and North America. 

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