Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What are we learning in October?

During the month of October, the third grade will continue to work hard and be kind while they are learning many new things in the classroom!

In READING we will be looking at non-fiction books to locate different text features. The students will use these features to help determine importance and the main idea of the text. 


In MATH we will begin learning different strategies to multiply and divide numbers. The students will use arrays, equal groups, repeated addition and subtraction, and other strategies to help them solve the problems. 


In WRITING we will be focusing on opinion writing. The students will develop an opinion on a topic and use the template above to support their opinions with facts and examples. 


In SCIENCE we will be creating a real-life version of the game "Mouse-Trap." The students will work together to design their own Mouse-Trap and then use different materials to build and test it. 


In Social Studies we will be discussing goods and services. The students will identify what goods and services are, as well as identify some goods and services provided by individuals, businesses, and the government.

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